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Roberto Jesus

Roberto grew up surrounded by horses in the north of Portugal.



From an early age, Roberto knew that his true passion was horses.

In search of excellence, he joined Alter Réal Stud Farm in Portugal, and at the age of 18, he obtained a degree in Equine Management and a Class II trainer qualification. He was involved in various projects related to the management and promotion of horses, which contributed significantly to the success of individuals and organisations he was associated with.

Later,  he joined the competition team of Alter Real Sud led by European rider Duarte Nogueira.

For more than 11 years, Roberto was a key player, training and promoting talented young horses in competition.

Roberto has won several national and international awards, such as the prestigious APSL Prize (mounted Joba Il) warded to the best Lusitano horse in international competitions!

Throughout his career, he has ridden and been trained by renowned riders and trainers, including the well-known 5* judge Raphael Saleh, Olympic riders Daniel Pinto, Miguel Ralao and Claudio Castilla, as well as the dressage rider and judge Camilo Borges.

Roberto has since joined our Société Hippique et d'Elevage in Luxembourg and inspires us with his passion, skill, and empathy in training our talented horses.

"All budding riders need famous riders to inspire them. The best riders in history have always had someone to look up to, to be the example they want to follow. Whether it's the best horse trainers in the world, or just a neighbour who has bred a great horse, being in a stable with renowned riders can help us achieve our goals as riders and use their examples and journey as inspiration

The pursuit of excellence, communicating and respecting the specific characteristics of each horse, is what makes me improve every day!"