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Katrin Hansen

Katrin Hansen is originally from Schleswig-Holstein/GER. She got the horse bug from her grandpa.



Together with her two sisters, she first rode ponies and was taught by veteran trainer Reinhard Koblitz. At the age of 16, she decided not to study veterinary medicine and chose to train as a rider. Her first stop was the Main and County Stud in Neustadt/D., where she completed her training as a rider and as a horse manager for breeding and husbandry. Next stop was the Uetz estate of the Groenke family. Through the mediation of Henning Müller from the German Riding School, she gained experience here, including the presentation of stallions. Then Jochen Vetter encouraged her skills and trained her eye for young talents. Then Kathrin worked for one year in the training stable of Heinrich Ramsbrock.

In the meantime she is at home in Luxembourg. In the Société Hippique et d'Elevage she takes care of the education, training and show management of the horses together with Nicolas. Nicolas, Charlotte and Katrin form a perfectly coordinated team.

Katrin and Master Piece