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Charlotte Remy Ehlinger

As the youngest of a total of four siblings, Charlotte already sat in the saddle as a child. With riding ponies Don't Thatch W and Lordy she had her first victorys in E and A dressage.



With Donna Jackson, she recorded her first advanced (S) level and later also international successes up to participation in the 2014 European Junior Championships in Arezzo/ITA.

With the Danish Linaro son Herkules she won in Prangins/SUI, placed in Achleiten/AUT, Compiegne/FRA and Sint-Truiden/BEL and took part in the European Young Riders Championships 2017 in Roosendaal/NED.

In the beginning Petra Büttner taught her. The last eight years Fie Christine Skarsoe was Charlotte's trainer. She was then helped by Katrin Hansen.

Professionally, after graduating from high school (2015), she completed a degree on marketing and business (2015-2017), followed by one on civil engineering (2017 to 2019). In 2019, Charlotte trained to become a real estate businesswoman and has already joined her grandfather Marcel Ehlinger's real estate company, Schuler.